A premier

Aircraft Management

Currently, the executive airplane is seen by corporate institutions as a working tool, capable of leveraging business and shortening distances – nothing can replace personal contact.

Experience has shown us that most organizations’ objective is not to manage aircraft, they simply need them as a work tool. However, the need for professionalism and efficiency in this type of management is increasingly evident.

Managing aircraft requires special needs that encompasses pilot hiring, technical documentation control, maintenance, safety and other aspects that, if not well managed, could increase operational cost and aircraft availability, using up vital company resources.

Premier’s proposal is for you to use its more than 20 years experience acquired in the executive aviation market, giving the client the exact balance between maximum availability, associated to the lowest operational cost through a serious and committed team.

Before deciding on your aircraft’s operation, think about the company that can give you the maximum return on investment with the same efficiency, safety and quality that have given premier recognition in all the segments in the market it operates.